Sunday, 9 September 2012

I am So Stressed and Tired!

I am so stressed and tired! Is this what you feel every day, while going to bed and getting ready for the next day which is filled with expectations, responsibilities and deadlines to meet.
How to Deal With Stress
Stress is such an inevitable part of our life! Rapid growth of an economy and globalization has lead to a cut-throat competition in world economies and even amongst individuals, who are the parts and parcel of economies.

While, all the above said remains true, even economic downfalls contribute to stress. Today, it is a highly competitive market and if you lack required skill set, you are denied a job opportunity. This does not end here, even after bagging a job, you cannot rest in your armchairs, but again the race begins to keep this job and sustain the competition.

I am not an exception to this, and yes, I used to be stressed out too, more often than not. However, until I learned a few things about stress, which I'll discuss here. And yes, it's not always about the stress at office, but in family life too.

At work, failing to meet the expectations from you, can get you a pink slip. Such factors may encourage you to take extra responsibilities, than what you actually can fulfill. With all this said, stress looks a vicious circle, isn't it? To avoid the stress of loosing your job, you tend to accept more responsibilities, which are anything but feasible to fulfill.

If I have to talk about myself, it had been really long before recently that I felt stress-free. It was difficult for me to strike the balance between my professional life and personal life responsibilities.

Throughout the week, I am juggling various tasks from meeting the clients, attending high-profile meetings, deciding action plan to meet the project deadline, conduct training sessions, so on and so forth. My tense schedule at office does not clear off my personal responsibility. I have my personal responsibilities as normal individual.

I understand, it is usual for every normal employed individual, but then stress is also common in every one's life. It is just the matter of the intensity, which is different for different individuals.
Some time back I gave a thought to a question – isn't there a way out of this stress-filled life? And to my surprise, the answer was yes. Stress is sometimes a man-made problem, I learned then. It is often possible to control it and steer it off your life.

Then I started looking for some useful information over the Internet, and came across a website howdealwithstress that shares information about different types of stress and the effective ways to deal with it.

My personal experience says that stress is crucial and it can even kill you if you fail to kill it. So lets prepare an action plan to beat it and keep it at bay as far as possible. Identifying the sources of stress and staying clear off it can help. Practicing yoga and meditation can really work wonders as a remedy to stress.

Being positive in handling difficult situations can keep you away of unnecessary stress. You should find out what are the stress busters for you, and you can implement these when you are stressed. Exercising, going for jogging, listening to favorite music and cooking can be some of the effective stress buster activities.

To avoid workplace stress, learn to accept responsibilities which are in your limits so you do not have to be overburdened with work and spare some quality time for your family.

Although stress is inevitable for almost all of us, at some point in life, it is a controllable problem in most of the cases. You just need to be optimistic that you can handle it and make your efforts accordingly. At least I could do it for myself, and hope the above given tips and the website that I referred can help you too. Have a Stress-free life!

What are your ways to deal with stress? Do Share your views.

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