Monday, 17 September 2012

My Search for Halloween Costumes

Halloween, my favorite holiday is almost here. It's coming upon fall. Halloween is time for fun and I am just searching right costume for this occasion. Thus I get to peruse the Internet to find the best costume to wear this year. However, what I need should be creative and unique one.

Due to Internet, we are never lacking of Halloween costume ideas. Thus we don't have to hinder from store to store to find what we're looking for. Yesterday, I was online looking for Halloween Costumes. I was not sure what I want to be. My friend suggested me to be a Black Cat this Halloween. But one of my cousin is already going to be a black cat. Then we looked for vampiresses, we looked for disney princesses, we looked for French maid, we looked for flirty mouse, we looked for mermaid princesses, etc. But we didn't find anything that could caught attention.

Speaking of Halloween night, if there is no scary but sexy costumes go with then that Halloween night is not good enough. Thus I was looking for more thrilled and excited costume idea. After spending ample time on Internet hunting for an unique costume, I stopped by Here they have listed many different costume ideas to scare one another. Also I have came across many costumes ideas, the pictures of which, I have shared below:

Halloween Costume Ideas:

  • Zombie Nurse Costume:

  • Pirate Wench Costume:

  • Poison Ivy Batman Costume:

  • Red Riding Hood Costume:

This year in Halloween, I am thinking to be a Zombie Nurse or a Pioson Ivy. So this Halloween, what are you going to be? Please don't forget to share your ideas and comments. I will appreciate your comments and opinions on Halloween Costumes.

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